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No more waste of food!

FREEdge is a net of free food fridges providing a solution to people who dislike the waste of food and are willing to share it with others.

Ready to start?

We are here for people who dislike wasting food, to provide them a simple solution in the form of free food fridges which allow people to share their excess food. We offer not just all information needed to establish your own FREEdge but also sponzoring for those who cannot effort to buy their own. Moreover we  connenct all the FREEdges and so also the people using them, giving them an opportunity to share their food as well as their ideas about the food waste.







Find a fridge

Find a proper place for your FREEdge

Clean the FREEdge

Place the FREEdge

Print necessary documents

Get an approval if necessary

When you want to place your FREEdge into some common spaces be aware that it can be necessary to get the approval form people who are responsable for these spaces. This shouldn't be problem but it is better to be sure.

The second step is to find the right place for your new FREEdge. The best choice is to find some common space accessible for more people. Talking about business centers it could be a common kitchen or rest room. In the case of boarding schools or any other facility it could be for example in a hall. 

The very first step is to find a proper fridge. You can try to look for some spare one or you can simply buy a new fridge. If you want to buy the new fridge but you do not have enough money, you can try to ask for a financial support from some of our sponzors.

Now, if you have a permission to establish your FREEdge where you want, it is the right time to get it ready. And to do so it is necessary to clean it first. You do not have to make it shine but be aware of the potential users and their impression of your FREEdge.

Finally, you can move the fridge into its place. But that is not all, still you have to do few more steps to change your fridge into FREEdge.

Before you start running your FREEdge, it is needed to set some rules for its users. The reason is that it can help you to maintain the order and cleanliness of the FREEdge as well as it can help you to keep people using your FREEdge satisfied. Since the setting of these rules can seem quite challening, we pre-prepared them for you.. So just download them and print them out.


Get you FREEdge ready

Once you have the rules prepared, staple them on your fridge as well as our logo to let others know about our initiative and also, to finally rechristen your fridge to FREEdge.

Let others know about your FREEdge


Join our FREEdge community


Your FREEdge is ready, well done! But you have to let others know that it exists to make them use it. You can download and print out our poster to hang it around the place where the FREEdge is located. Or you can simply spread the information verbally.

If you managed to pass all the previous steps, you rightfully deserve to become one of our FREEdge community. So write us your story andwe will share the location of your FREEdge with others to bring you more users upset about the waste of food.

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