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No more waste of food!

FREEdge is a net of free food fridges providing a solution to people who dislike the waste of food and are willing to share it with others.

Print out the rules for your FREEdge

Have you already set up your own FREEdge? Let's give it some order!

Print out the posters to promote your FREEdge

Everything is done and you would like to let others know that you are a part of the FREEdge net of free food fridges?

Everything is prepared and you need to let others know about your FREEdge?

This poster will help you to tell others what is the idea of FREEdge about

This poster will help you to tell others how does the FREEdge work

Print out the FREEdge logo!

This document will help you to set up orders for your FREEDge and keep it organized

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